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ISocket Interface

Bridge socket object implements this interface. You get a reference to a socket object using IVirtualSerialDevice.localSocket or IVirtualSerialDevice.remoteSocket properties.


interface ISocket {
    // Properties
    readonly ${DTR}: ${IPin};
    readonly ${DSR}: ${IPin};
    readonly ${DCD}: ${IPin};
    readonly ${RTS}: ${IPin};
    readonly ${CTS}: ${IPin};
    readonly ${RI}: ${IPin};
public interface ISocket
    // Properties
    ${IPin} ${DTR} { get; }
    ${IPin} ${DSR} { get; }
    ${IPin} ${DCD} { get; }
    ${IPin} ${RTS} { get; }
    ${IPin} ${CTS} { get; }
    ${IPin} ${RI} { get; }
struct ISocket : IDispatch
    // Properties
    ${IPinPtr#IPin} ${DTR};  // get 
    ${IPinPtr#IPin} ${DSR};  // get 
    ${IPinPtr#IPin} ${DCD};  // get 
    ${IPinPtr#IPin} ${RTS};  // get 
    ${IPinPtr#IPin} ${CTS};  // get 
    ${IPinPtr#IPin} ${RI};  // get 

ISocket Properties


readonly DTR: ${IPin};
${IPin} DTR { get; }
${IPinPtr#IPin} DTR;  // get 

Get the DTR pin.


readonly DSR: ${IPin};
${IPin} DSR { get; }
${IPinPtr#IPin} DSR;  // get 

Get the DSR pin.


readonly DCD: ${IPin};
${IPin} DCD { get; }
${IPinPtr#IPin} DCD;  // get 

Get the DCD pin.


readonly RTS: ${IPin};
${IPin} RTS { get; }
${IPinPtr#IPin} RTS;  // get 

Get the RTS pin.


readonly CTS: ${IPin};
${IPin} CTS { get; }
${IPinPtr#IPin} CTS;  // get 

Get the CTS pin.


readonly RI: ${IPin};
${IPin} RI { get; }
${IPinPtr#IPin} RI;  // get 

Get the RI pin.