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IPin Interface

This interface represents a single virtual connection pin. It allows you to establish or break a virtual connection between pins.

Bridge socket object implements this interface. You get a reference to a socket object using IVirtualSerialDevice.localSocket or IVirtualSerialDevice.remoteSocket properties.


interface IPin {

    // Methods
    ${sendTo}(destinationPin: IPin): void;
    ${removeConnectionTo}(destinationPin: IPin): void;
public interface IPin

    // Methods
    void ${sendTo}(IPin destinationPin);
    void ${removeConnectionTo}(IPin destinationPin);
struct IPin : IDispatch

    // Methods
    HRESULT ${sendTo}(IPin * destinationPin);
    HRESULT ${removeConnectionTo}(IPin * destinationPin);

IPin Methods


sendTo(destinationPin: IPin): void;
void sendTo(IPin destinationPin);
HRESULT sendTo(IPin * destinationPin);
A reference to destination pin.

Connects the current pin to a destinationPin pin. The direction of data is from source pin to destination one.


removeConnectionTo(destinationPin: IPin): void;
void removeConnectionTo(IPin destinationPin);
HRESULT removeConnectionTo(IPin * destinationPin);
A reference to destination pin.

Removes a connection from the current pin to destinationPin destination pin.