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IOpeningInfo Interface

An object implementing this interface is obtained through the IDevice.openingInfo property. This object properties can be queried to get information about the process that opened the virtual serial port and port opening parameters.


interface IOpeningInfo {
    // Properties
    readonly ${baudRate}: number;
    readonly ${byteSize}: number;
    readonly ${parity}: ${PortParity};
    readonly ${stopBits}: ${PortStopBits};
    readonly ${processId}: number;
    readonly ${processName}: string;
public interface IOpeningInfo
    // Properties
    uint ${baudRate} { get; }
    uint ${byteSize} { get; }
    ${PortParity} ${parity} { get; }
    ${PortStopBits} ${stopBits} { get; }
    uint ${processId} { get; }
    string ${processName} { get; }
struct IOpeningInfo : IDispatch
    // Properties
    unsigned ${baudRate};  // get 
    unsigned ${byteSize};  // get 
    ${PortParity} ${parity};  // get 
    ${PortStopBits} ${stopBits};  // get 
    unsigned ${processId};  // get 
    _bstr_t ${processName};  // get 

IOpeningInfo Properties


readonly baudRate: number;
uint baudRate { get; }
unsigned baudRate;  // get 

Baud rate, in bits per second.


readonly byteSize: number;
uint byteSize { get; }
unsigned byteSize;  // get 

Byte size, in bits.


readonly parity: ${PortParity};
${PortParity} parity { get; }
${PortParity} parity;  // get 

Parity value.


readonly stopBits: ${PortStopBits};
${PortStopBits} stopBits { get; }
${PortStopBits} stopBits;  // get 

Stop bits.


readonly processId: number;
uint processId { get; }
unsigned processId;  // get 

ID of the process that opened the port.


readonly processName: string;
string processName { get; }
_bstr_t processName;  // get 

Full file name path of the process that opened the port.