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IConfigurableDevice Interface

This is a base interface, that derives from IDevice and supports alias and shared ports.


interface IConfigurableDevice extends ${IDevice} {
    // Properties
    ${baudRate}: number;
    ${dataBits}: number;
    ${parity}: ${PortParity};
    ${stopBits}: ${PortStopBits};
    ${flowControl}: ${PortFlowControl};
    ${timeouts}: ${ITimeouts};
public interface IConfigurableDevice : ${IDevice}
    // Properties
    uint ${baudRate} { get; set; }
    uint ${dataBits} { get; set; }
    ${PortParity} ${parity} { get; set; }
    ${PortStopBits} ${stopBits} { get; set; }
    ${PortFlowControl} ${flowControl} { get; set; }
    ${ITimeouts} ${timeouts} { get; set; }
struct IConfigurableDevice : IDevice
    // Properties
    unsigned ${baudRate};  // get set 
    unsigned ${dataBits};  // get set 
    ${PortParity} ${parity};  // get set 
    ${PortStopBits} ${stopBits};  // get set 
    ${PortFlowControl} ${flowControl};  // get set 
    ${ITimeoutsPtr#ITimeouts} ${timeouts};  // get set 

IConfigurableDevice Properties


baudRate: number;
uint baudRate { get; set; }
unsigned baudRate;  // get set 

Baud rate override.


dataBits: number;
uint dataBits { get; set; }
unsigned dataBits;  // get set 

Data bits override.


parity: ${PortParity};
${PortParity} parity { get; set; }
${PortParity} parity;  // get set 

Parity override.


stopBits: ${PortStopBits};
${PortStopBits} stopBits { get; set; }
${PortStopBits} stopBits;  // get set 

Stop bits override.


flowControl: ${PortFlowControl};
${PortFlowControl} flowControl { get; set; }
${PortFlowControl} flowControl;  // get set 

Flow control override.


timeouts: ${ITimeouts};
${ITimeouts} timeouts { get; set; }
${ITimeoutsPtr#ITimeouts} timeouts;  // get set 

Port timeouts override.