Serial Ports Splitter - Split COM port and use it by multiple applications simultaneously
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Split Ports

Split ports are not directly supported by Virtual Serial Port Tools. Instead, the configuration of a split port is achieved by means of first creating a shared port and then creating a number of aliases for the shared port.

Split Port


First, create a shared port using the ISerialPortLibrary.createSharedPort and configure it using the ISharedPortDevice.sharedPort property.

Then create a required number of port aliases using ISerialPortLibrary.createAliasPort and point them to created shared port using the IAliasPortDevice.aliasPort property.


The split ports configuration operates exactly like the shared ports configuration. It can be used, for example, if an original device needs to be opened multiple times by a single application. Although a single shared port may be opened multiple times by a single application, applications are often designed in such a way to prevent the same port from appearing in user interface twice.

Split port configuration may be used in this scenario.

If there are parameter overrides configured for a port, they will silently be used instead of the configuration specified by the application.

Configuration Utility

Configuration Utility allows the user to create and configure split port configurations using the Split Port Window.