Virtual Serial Ports - Build advanced serial port configurations for any usage scenario
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Pipe Ports

Virtual Serial Port Tools allows connecting a virtual serial device to the named pipe. A serial device may either play the role of the named pipe server or named pipe client.

When acting as named pipe client, the other end of the pipe may reside either on the local or remote computer.

Pipe Port


To connect a virtual serial device to the named pipe, create new virtual serial port with a call to ISerialPortLibrary.createPipePort method and use the IPipePortDevice.configureConnectPipe method to connect to an existing pipe (client mode) or IPipePortDevice.configureCreatePipe2 method to create a named pipe and connect to it in server mode.

The actual pipe creation or connection occurs only when a client application opens a handle to a virtual serial pipe.


When an application writes data to the serial port, all written data is transferred to the named pipe. Correspondingly, when application reads data from the port, the data is fetched from the named pipe.

Configuration Utility

Configuration Utility allows the user to create ports connected to pipes using the Create New Pipe Port Window.