Serial Ports Mapper - Map hardware COM port to the new port name
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Alias Ports

A virtual serial port may be created as an alias of another existing serial port.

Alias Port


To create an alias or mapped port, first call the ISerialPortLibrary.createAliasPort method and then specify the port parameters using the IAliasPortDevice.aliasPort property.

Additional port options can be set using IConfigurableDevice.baudRate, IConfigurableDevice.dataBits, IConfigurableDevice.parity, IConfigurableDevice.stopBits and IConfigurableDevice.flowControl properties. These properties allow you to override port parameters.


Created virtual serial ports acts as an alias to existing serial port for the calling application, providing full emulation of all serial port features supported by original device.

If there are parameter overrides configured for a port, they will silently be used instead of the configuration specified by the application.

A single port may have as many aliases as you need.

Configuration Utility

Configuration Utility allows the user to create and configure alias ports using the Create Alias Port Window.