Network Serial Ports - Sharing Serial ports over network, accessing remote com ports
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Command-Line Parameters

When TCP/IP Serial Ports Server is running as stand-alone process, use command-line parameters to configure its options. The server supports the following options:

psip_server.exe [OPTIONS] [COMN1=TCP-PORT[,protocol]] [COMN2=TCP-PORT[,protocol]]...

COMn=<port>[,protocol] arguments are mandatory. They specify which serial ports are shared over which TCP ports. protocol, if specified, must be either rfc2217 or raw. If protocol is omitted, rfc2217 is assumed.


-?, --helpDisplay command-line parameters.
--nologoDo not display logo message.
Logging options
--log-pathpathWrite server log to the specified file.

Set logging level to one of the following:

only critical errors
all errors
errors and warnings
informational messages
maximum information for debugging
--no-screen-logDo not display a copy of log to the console.
Service operations
-install-service, --install-serviceInstall service. Must be called from elevated command-prompt.
-uninstall-service, --uninstall-serviceUninstall service. Must be called from elevated command-prompt.