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IDeviceCollection Interface

You obtain this interface by taking the value of the IUsbMonitor.Devices property and use to enumerate the installed USB devices. There are two ways for using this interface. You can get the Count property value to get the number of devices in the collection and then use the default Item property to get the IDevice interface for each device in a collection.

Another way of enumerating the devices in the collection is to take the value of the _NewEnum property to get the object exposing the IEnumVARIANT interface and use its properties and members to enumerate the collection.

Note that usually this process is somehow automated in scripting and CLR languages. You will find the code samples in topics for the _NewEnum and Item properties.


interface IDeviceCollection extends ${IDispatch} {
    // Properties
    readonly [${Item}: number]: ${IDevice};
    ${Count}: number;
    ${_NewEnum}: object;
public interface IDeviceCollection : ${IDispatch}
    // Properties
    ${IDevice} ${Item}[int Index] { get; }
    int ${Count} { get; set; }
    object ${_NewEnum} { get; set; }
struct IDeviceCollection : IDispatch
    // Properties
    ${IDevicePtr#IDevice} ${Item}(_variant_t Index);  // get 
    long ${Count};  // get set 
    IUnknownPtr ${_NewEnum};  // get set 

IDeviceCollection Properties


readonly [Item: number]: ${IDevice};
${IDevice} Item[int Index] { get; }
${IDevicePtr#IDevice} Item(_variant_t Index);  // get 

Reference to Device object.


Count: number;
int Count { get; set; }
long Count;  // get set 

Number of devices.


_NewEnum: object;
object _NewEnum { get; set; }
IUnknownPtr _NewEnum;  // get set 

Returns the enumerator object implementing IEnumVARIANT interface.