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ConfigureLibrary Function


// This method is not available in scripting environment
// This method is not available in managed environment
DWORD ConfigureLibrary(BOOL bInstall, BOOL bUI);
TRUE to install monitoring capabilities, FALSE to uninstall.
TRUE to display the progress dialog while configuring the system, FALSE to suppress it

Returns the error code. See the Remarks section for details.

Enables or disables the monitoring capabilities of the control. The function will restart all USB devices on the computer as part of its operation. You must be sure that no critical work is performed through one of these devices. If any USB device is being used at this time, the operation succeeds, but the function returns 1, indicating that the restart is required. In order to eliminate the need to restart the computer, make sure the USB devices are not being used before calling this function.

If you call this function, passing TRUE for the bUI parameter, the function displays the top-most progress dialog. The dialog shows the progress of operation. Please note however, that it does not although let the user to interrupt the process and does not provide the progress to the calling application. Depending on the number of installed USB devices on your computer, and their “nature”, the process can take some time.