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This section contains the general information about the USB Monitoring Control library (USBMC). It is structurally divided into the following sections:

Library Description
The introductory library description.
Library features
Contains the complete list of library features.

Library Description

HHD USB Monitoring library provides USB monitoring functionality for your application. It collects and parses USB packets so that it is very easy to use/parse their content in your application. The library lets you enumerate all installed USB devices (Mass Storage class devices like flash drives, HID devices like mice or keyboards etc). You can attach to any of them and collect/analyze data that is being transferred between this particular device and host (computer). The Monitor object can be attached to the device at any time, no matter if the device is being currently used or not. For example flash drive could be ejected, but it still appears during enumeration.

USBMC, The Library, library, control
The USB Monitoring Control library
User or client code
Code in any language that instantiates the USBMC and calls its methods
The monitored application
The application that has the monitored USB device open.

Library Features

The HHD Software USB Monitoring Control library offers the following functionality: