Serial Port Monitoring Control - ActiveX Component Library for RS232 Data Monitoring, API for Software Developers
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Serial Port Monitoring Control (SPMC)

The Serial Port Monitoring Control library provides the serial port monitoring functionality for your code. The library lets you enumerate all installed serial devices, including, but not limited to serial ports and modems. All kind of PnP serial devices as well as virtual devices are also supported. After you get an instance of the serial device, you can create a monitor object and attach it to the device to receive monitored data and events. The Monitor object can be attached to the device at any time, no matter if the device is being currently used or not. You can also detach from the device at any time. Below you will find the short list of terms used throughout this documentation.

SPMC, The Library, library, control
The Serial Port Monitoring Control library
User or client code
Code in any language that instantiates the SPMC and calls its methods
The monitored application
The application that has the monitored serial device open.

Library Features

The HHD Software Serial Port Monitoring Control library offers the following functionality: