Serial Port Monitoring Control - ActiveX Component Library for RS232 Data Monitoring, API for Software Developers
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Library Redistribution Policy

Library redistribution policy largely depends on the purchased license. Detailed information about library redistribution can be found in the Licensing topic. General information is also provided below.

General Library Distribution Information

The SPMC library can be distributed in two ways:

Distribution of the original SPMC installation package.

You are allowed to distribute the original library installation package provided the following is true: the hhdspmc.exe file is not modified by any means and is accompanied by a link to HHD Software web site. This can be an Internet URL file, a readme file in the same folder or same archive where the hhdspmc.exe file is located on distribution media. If the file is distributed on the Web Site, the link to HHD Software web site must be on the same page as the link to the hhdspmc.exe file.

The hhdspmc.exe file, as well as all other files available on HHD Software Web Site, is digitally signed. Please verify that the digital signature is still valid before distributing the file. If, on the other side, you somehow received the Serial Port Monitoring Control library and found that signature validation algorithm fails, please be so kind to notify us via our contact page.

Library Redistribution

Two ways of redistributing the library are provided by the current version: manual redistribution and Windows Installer merge module.

Manual Redistribution

To redistribute the library with your application, use the spmc_redist.exe file, located in the redist\Manual folder.

This is a Win32 executable without any external references. It supports all operating systems starting from Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

Launch this executable on a target computer to install or uninstall the SPMC library and accompanying filter driver. It automatically installs 32-bit or 64-bit version of components. Below is executable's command line parameters:

spmc_redist.exe [/q] [/u] [/t <path>] [/?]
/qQuiet mode. Do not display any user interface. Note that on some operating systems, driver installation prompt may still be displayed.
/uUninstall the library. If not specified, performs library installation.
/t <path>Use the given installation path instead of the default one.
/?Display supported command line parameters.

spmc_redist.exe must be launched by a user with administrative privileges. On Windows 7 and later operating systems, the user must be elevated. Library installation may be performed by more restricted user if she has write access to destination folder, has write access to system drivers folder (usually \Windows\System32\Drivers) and has been assigned an Install Device Drivers privilege.

If /q switch is not specified, a message box with a short description of the result of operation is displayed.

Upon exit, spmc_redist.exe returns an error code, which must be interpreted as described below:

Error codeMeaning
0 (S_OK)Library installation/uninstallation has been successful.
1 (S_FALSE)Library installation/uninstallation has been successful. Reboot is required to complete the installation.
any otherAny other code must be treated as a standard HRESULT value.

Windows Installer Merge Module

If your application is packaged with Windows Installer, you may use the merge modules provided in the redist\Merge Module folder. Use the correct module for your target platform (32-bit or 64-bit).

Activating the Redistributed Library

Library activation is performed in your installation code by calling one of the ISerialMonitor.InstallLicense, ISerialMonitor.InstallLicenseInMemory or ISerialMonitor.InstallLicenseInMemoryNative methods.

You are explicitly prohibited from charging any fee for all kinds of library distribution!