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Upgrading Hex Editor Neo

Hex Editor Neo is distributed in four different editions, including Free, Standard, Professional and Ultimate.

The powerful Hex Editor Neo functionality is flexibly divided between all these editions, allowing you to wisely choose the one appropriate for you. Please refer to the Choosing Appropriate Edition section for more information. Nevertheless, Hex Editor Neo may always be easily upgraded to a more powerful edition. Such upgrade is not free.

Upgrading from the Free Edition

Free Edition, as told by its name, costs nothing to install and use. Although there are a lot of features included in the Free Edition, a number of powerful and advanced features are not, and therefore, you may find it useful to upgrade either to Standard, Professional or Ultimate edition.

The “Upgrade” in this case corresponds to the product purchase. Product purchasing options are described in more detail in corresponding section.

To start a purchase, you may use the Help » License Management… command to open up a License Management Window. Click the “Upgrade…” link next to the selected edition to start the order process.

Upgrading from Standard or Professional Editions

If you currently have Hex Editor Neo Standard Edition licensed to you, you may upgrade either to the Professional or Ultimate Edition. Licensed Professional Edition may be upgraded to the Ultimate Edition. To perform an upgrade, navigate to the HHD Software Web Site's Upgrade Section. You will be asked to log in, using your login and password. After that you will be able to choose the edition you want to upgrade to and proceed to the checkout.

As soon as your order is processed, the license file is e-mailed to you. Applying this license file activates the upgraded license and unlocks all its features.