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Hex Editor Neo has the full-featured built-in script editor. You can open script files (TypeScript *.ts or JavaScript .js) in the editor using the File » Open » Open File… or File » Open » Open Script… commands, using Drag&Drop from other applications, or create new empty script file using the File » New » New Script File command.

Macros » Start Recording command, followed by a Macros » Stop Recording/Playback command automatically generates a script file, which is then associated with a named macro. This script may also be opened in the editor for review and modification.

The script editor has the full knowledge of all application objects, their interfaces, their methods and parameters, provides syntax coloring, method and parameter completion and built-in brief documentation.

Syntax errors are highlighted directly in the editor, simplifying creation of a syntactically valid code.

Modified script files are marked with an asterisk (*).

Running Scripts

You may start script execution using the Debug » Run Script command. Script debugging is started using the Debug » Debug Script command.

The results of the script execution is provided in the Output Window.