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Document View Object

Document View object is implemented by an editor window. If the document has several windows opened, each of them creates a separate document view object.

Document View object implements the IDocumentView interface, which inherits from IWindow interface. You may get a reference to a document object this view is attached to using the IDocumentView.document property and you can get all views of a document using the IDocument.views property.

Other read-write view properties include:

insertModeCurrent Insert Mode.
displayAsCurrent View Type.
addressDisplayAsCurrent address display type.
groupByCurrent Data Grouping mode.
columnsCurrent number of columns
bigEndianCurrent Byte Order.
encodingCurrent encoding.
codePaneCode pane visibility.
textPaneText pane visibility.


The view's cursor can be accessed using the read-only IDocumentView.cursor property. In addition, IDocumentView.goto can be used to execute the Edit » Go to Offset… command.


Current view's selection can be accessed using the read-only IDocumentView.selection property. The following methods may be used to control the current selection:

selectAllSelect all data.
selectModifiedAsyncSelect all modified data.
copySelectionRangesAsyncCopy a list of selected ranges into the Clipboard.
exportSelectionRangesAsyncExport a list of selected ranges to the external file.
saveSelectionAsyncSave current selection to a file.
loadSelectionAsyncLoad current selection from a file.


Clipboard methods allow the view to communicate with the Clipboard:

cutAsyncCut selected data.
copyAsyncCopy selected data.
pasteAsyncPaste data from the Clipboard.
clearAsyncRemove selected data.

Data Modification

The following data modification methods are provided:

fillAsyncFill selection with a pattern.
insertInsert pattern.
insertFileInsert file.
insertHexAsyncInsert encoded hex file.
encryptAsyncEncrypt selection.
decryptAsyncDecrypt selection.
modifyBitsModify bits.


The following methods may be used to search for a pattern in a document:

findAsyncFind a pattern.
findRegExpAsyncFind a regular expression.
findNextAsyncFind next occurrence.
findPrevAsyncFind previous occurrence.
findAllAsyncFind all occurrences of a pattern.
findAllRegExpAsyncFind all occurrences of a regular expression.


The following methods may be used to search and replace patterns:

replaceAsyncReplace a pattern.
replaceRegExpAsyncReplace a regular expression.
replaceAllAsyncReplace all occurrences of a pattern.
replaceAllRegExpAsyncReplace all occurrences of a regular expression.

Data Operations

The following data operations are provided:

bitwiseOpAsyncBitwise data operation.
arithmeticOpAsyncArithmetic data operation.
shiftOpAsyncShift data operation.
caseOpAsyncCase change data operation.
reverseOpAsyncReverse data operation.