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Process Window Object

This object represents an opened process window. You get a reference to its IProcessWindow interface after calling the openProcess method.

Use properties of this object to retrieve additional information about a running process and create and manage process snapshots.

IProcessWindow.processId, IProcessWindow.name, IProcessWindow.commandLine, IProcessWindow.path read-only properties retrieve information about the running process.

IProcessWindow.isRunning property returns true if the process is still running and IProcessWindow.exitCode provides a process exit code.

IProcessWindow.snapshots property returns an array of all process snapshots. The snapshot with index zero always exists and represents the running process.

Call the IProcessWindow.createSnapshot method to create new process snapshot and IProcessWindow.deleteSnapshot to delete a snapshot. IProcessWindow.clearSnapshots method deletes all snapshots.

Call the IProcessWindow.compareSnapshots method to use the File Comparison feature to compare memory of the two process snapshots.