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Process Snapshot Object

This object represents a process snapshot. Snapshot object references either a running process (use the 0-th element of an array returned by IProcessWindow.snapshots property to get that) or represents a created process snapshot (using the IProcessWindow.createSnapshot method).

Use the IProcessSnapshot.isSnapshot property to determine if this object represents a running process (false) or an actual snapshot (true). For a an object representing an actual snapshot, IProcessSnapshot.date returns a JavaScript Date object that tells the snapshot creation date and time.

Call the IProcessSnapshot.openRegion method to open a document in the editor to start viewing and editing process memory.

IProcessSnapshot.delete method may be used to delete the snapshot object.

Use the IProcessSnapshot.saveDump method to save a dump of a running process or process snapshot to a file and the IProcessSnapshot.debug method to launch an external debugger to debug a running process or process snapshot.