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Global Object

Global object has properties and methods that provide core functionality of Hex Editor Neo to running scripts. In addition, it provides a set of convenient script execution infrastructure methods.

Infrastructure Methods

The following methods are provided to help script authors to achieve their tasks in a more convenient and fast manner:

logPrints the message to the Console.
alertDisplays the message box and optionally asks for user choice.
inputRequests the user to enter text string.
asyncSchedules a given callable for delayed execution.
cancelAsyncCancels scheduled delayed execution.
delayReturns a promise which is completed in a given time.

Creating New Documents

newDocument method and its overloads are used to create new documents.

Opening Documents

Shell object provides the following methods for opening various kinds of documents:

openFileBinary files, Intel Hex and Motorola S-Records
openVolumeVolumes (logical disks)
openDiskDisks (physical disks)
openHexAsyncIntel Hex and Motorola S-Records

Managing Opened Documents

activate method activates a given document view, documents property returns a list of all opened documents, while closeAll method closes all opened documents.

Working With Settings

exportSettings and importSettings exports and imports all application settings to an external file. exportConfiguration and importConfiguration does the same with UI settings like toolbars and tool windows layout. resetConfiguration resets the default UI configuration.

displaySettings method opens the Settings Window.

restart allows the script to restart Hex Editor Neo, optionally displaying a message to the user.

Find in Files, Replace in Files

findInFilesAsync method starts the Find in Files operation and replaceInFilesAsync method starts the Replace in Files operation. cancelFindInFilesOperation method may be used to cancel an ongoing Find in Files operation.

Working with Processes

Use the findProcess and findProcesses methods to locate the running process objects, getting the IProcess interface. Use the openProcess method to open the process window for a given process and get its IProcessWindow interface back. activeProcessWindow property holds the reference to an active process window or null, if there is no such window.


activeDocumentChanged event is fired when the active document is changed in the editor. activeViewChanged event is fired when the active editor window is changed.