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Volume Navigator

Starting from version 6.01 Hex Editor Neo includes a built-in Volume Navigator which is capable of parsing volume structure.

As of version 7.01, the following file systems are supported by Volume Navigator:


Volume Navigator implements the following functionality:

Parsing volume structure
An entire volume is parsed and represented in Volume Navigator Tool Window. This includes all directories, files, file streams, file attributes and so on.
Showing file record structure
Whenever file record is selected in navigator's window, it is automatically parsed in Structure Viewer Tool Window.
Locating volume items
A location (all clusters) an item occupies on a volume may be highlighted in opened editor window.
Copying volume items
Any selected item (stream, file, directory or entire volume) may be copied.
Opening Volume
Every time an supported volume is opened with File » Open » Open Volume… command, Volume Navigator automatically parses volume structure and displays it in its Volume Navigator Tool Window.