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What's New in Structure Viewer (version 6.01)

This is a minor upgrade to Structure Viewer. This release also introduces the new built-in structure definition file editor.

New Language Features

_SVC_VER compiler version macro
Compiler version in 6.01 has a value of 0x306 (major version: 3, minor version: 6), which indicates minor upgrade.
New built-in value type
New built-in value type ByteArray is now supported.
New built-in functions
This release adds the following new functions: array, length, element, subarray, substring and find.
Structure Library revised
Structure Library is now a separate tool window.

Fixed bugs

Various function scope bugs fixed
Invalid scope rules were used when executing native functions.
Incorrect if statement branch optimization
The editor could incorrectly optimize if statement branch in some cases.
Incorrect language grammar
Structure definition language grammar was fixed: it sometimes erroneously prohibited otherwise legitimate constructs.