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What's New in Structure Viewer (version 4.92)

Hex Editor Neo is a constantly developing application. Structure Viewer in version 4.92 adds support for the following:

_SVC_VER compiler version macro
Compiler version in 4.92 has a value of 0x205 (major version: 2, minor version: 5).
New statements
New statements are now supported: while, for and do…while.
In-line javascript code
Javascript code may now be specified in the same file, without using the #pragma script directive. A new javascript keyword is used for this.
Changes in $print directive operation
Before this version, $print directive always converted its argument to string. Now it preserves the argument's type and uses Structure Viewer's visualization engine to display it. It will now appear exactly as any other parsed field. And do not remember, that $print directive not only displays its value, it also introduces new field into the scope.
New visualization mode for pointers
Hex Editor Neo now also prints computed address for a pointer as well as “peeks” inside the pointed type (as it does for structures and arrays).