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switch Statement

switch statement has the following syntax:

switch (sw-expr)
    case const-case-expr1:
        statement-block *
    [case const-case-expr2:
        statement-block *
        statement-block +

switch statement's block must not be followed by a ‘;’ character!

switch statement is evaluated according to the following procedure:

  1. All const-case-exprN expressions are evaluated at compile time. If they fail to compute to a constant value, compilation error occurs. If you need to use non-const expressions, consider using the case_union.
  2. sw-expr is evaluated at run time.
  3. The resulting value is compared with each const-case-exprN value one by one until a match is found. If the match is not found, statement-block after the “default:” label is evaluated, if present.
  4. If the match is found, all statement blocks after the corresponding “case” label are evaluated, until the “default:” label, end of switch statement or a break statement are met.
struct A
    BYTE type;
    switch (type)
        case 0:
            int value;
        case 1:
            double value;
        case 2:
            string value;
            $assert("Invalid file");
      }    // note: no ';' allowed here!