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Performance Considerations

Hex Editor Neo uses unique time- and space- efficient algorithm to work with a selection. Nevertheless, as a number of blocks in a selection grows, more disk space and processor time are required to work with it. This does not apply to “constant-time” selection commands, which always work in approximately constant time and do not depend on the number of blocks in a selection.

Most Hex Editor Neo commands, when instructed to work on the current selection, reveal linear-time complexity. The processing time then depends on the selection complexity, that is, the number of blocks in a selection.

Hex Editor Neo automatically starts utilizing disk space to back up complex selections. As a result, Hex Editor Neo consumes very little RAM when working with even most complex ones. Internal compression is used to minimize disk space usage.

Care must be taken while using keyboard selection with complex selections, as most keyboard selection commands operate in linear time. For example, if you have a selection with 20 million blocks and press Ctrl+Shift+End with a cursor positioned at offset 0, then the time required to fulfill the operation will be proportional to a number of blocks in a selection. Select » Invert Selection command, on the other hand, will do the same in constant time, that is, immediately.