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History Commands

Several Hex Editor Neo commands are related to document's history.

Edit » Undo

The last executed operation is undone and becomes the phantom operation. The previous operation becomes a current operation. This command is disabled if there is no previous operation.

Complexity: constant-time.

Edit » Redo

The first operation in operation tail becomes a current operation. If there are no phantom operations, this command is disabled.

Complexity: constant-time.

History » Clear History

All operations in a history are deleted. The document state is NOT changed, all modifications are “merged” into the single operation, which becomes an operation list root.

Complexity: linear-time (depends on the number of operations in history and their complexity).

History » Purge…

History Purge provides you with three ways of purging an operation history:

  • Purge redo tail - all phantom operations (or operation tail) are dropped and removed.
  • Purge branches - all branches except the current one are dropped and removed.
  • Purge all - remove all operations except the very first one. In most cases (if Clear History command was not used), this root operation is “Open” or “New”.

Complexity: constant-time. See the Purging History.

History » Group Same Operations switch
Turns automatic grouping on or off. Automatic grouping groups operations of the same type into one operation in a list. You can expand this operation to see each operation that forms a group.
History » Auto Create Branches switch
When this switch is on (default), new branches are automatically created if there are any phantom operations at a time you execute a new operation. When this switch is off, phantom operations are silently deleted and new operation is added to the current branch.
History » Save Operation History…

The entire operation history is compressed and saved to a disk file. It then may be loaded and applied to the same document. See the Saving History section for more information.

Complexity: linear-time.

History » Load Operation History…

Loads a saved operation history from a disk file. Several checks are performed to make sure the history is loaded for the same document. See the Loading History section for more information.

Complexity: linear-time.

History » Full Operation History Tree…
Displays a complete operation history tree. See the Operation History Tree Window topic for more information.