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Find in Files Overview

Find in Files and Replace in Files are the two powerful Hex Editor Neo commands that allow you to perform batch find and replace operations. They can be instructed to operate on all files in a folder or the whole folder tree.

The Find in Files Window is used to enter the find and/or replace patterns and specify the list of folders to search in. You can also narrow the search by entering the mask (for example, *.txt) to search only in files that match the mask. Several masks may be specified (separate them with a semicolon). Below is an example that can be used to search within C/C++ source files:


All matched documents are displayed in the Find in Files Tool Window. In some operation modes, matched files are immediately opened in the editor, while in others, you may open them by double-clicking on the file's item in a result list.


The implementation of Find in Files and Replace in Files commands scales well, that is, it works faster on multi-core or multi-processor computers. Several dedicated threads of execution are launched on such computers and perform searching and replacing in parallel.

Note that the real performance boost is achieved only if you have a fast disk system or access files over a fast network connection.


Replace in Files function, operating in Replace all occurrences and save mode may potentially be harmful to your data. Hex Editor Neo automatically detects if you are trying to execute this operation and have Always create backups Option turned off. It then warns you about the possible data loses and offers several actions to continue:

If you have “Always create backup” option turned on, then each modified file is first backed up before modification.

Regular Expressions

Both Find in Files and Replace in Files functions fully support regular expressions.