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Find in Files

The Find in Files command is used to search a list of files for a specified pattern. You specify the list of folders and file mask that determine the list of files and you enter a pattern to search. The Find in Files Window is used to provide all this information.

Find in Files Window

Find in Files function operates in one of two modes: Find at least one occurrence and Find all occurrences.

Find at Least One Occurrence

In this mode, all candidate files are searched for a first pattern occurrence. If it is found, the file is added to a result list and searching continues with a next file.

Double-clicking the file in a result list opens the file and navigates to the located position.

Find All Occurrences

In this mode, all occurrences of the pattern are located. If there are any, the file is opened in the editor and selection displays all matched locations. The file's path is also added to the result list.

Regular Expressions

The Find in Files command fully supports regular expressions. To search using regular expressions, select either “ASCII string (char[])” or “UNICODE string (wchar_t[])” pattern type, enter the regular expression, make sure the Regular expression checkbox is checked and enter the sub-expression number you want to search for. Sub-expression 0 represents the expression itself.