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Find All

This extremely powerful command locates all occurrences of specified pattern. The Find Window is used to specify the pattern to search for, as well as a number of additional options.

Complexity: linear time (depends on the file's size and resulting number of non-contiguous matches).

Find All Results

The result of the Find All operation is a multiple selection, which describes all pattern occurrences. Selection Details window may be used to browse results. In addition, message box with a total number of occurrences found is displayed when searching finishes.

If the pattern has not been found in a file, the message box is displayed.

Regular Expressions

The Find All command fully supports regular expressions. To search using regular expressions, select either “ASCII string (char[])” or “UNICODE string (wchar_t[])” pattern type, enter the regular expression, make sure the Regular expression checkbox is checked and enter the sub-expression number you want to search for. Sub-expression 0 represents the expression itself.


Searching with regular expressions within a selection (either single-range, or multiple) is not supported.


Scripts are provided with the following methods to execute the find operations: