Hex Editor - Binary File Editing Software for Windows
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Opening Documents

Document represents a file, shared file, disk, volume or process memory, opened in the Hex Editor Neo for viewing and editing. Each opened document has at least one editor window associated with it. You can also have multiple editor windows for an opened document.

Hex Editor Neo does not allow you to have multiple documents for a single file, but you can open as many windows for each document as you need.

Any file opened in the Hex Editor Neo is accessed with Read-Only access. Sharing access is set to allow Read operation only. Starting from version 6.12, if Hex Editor Neo is unable to get a Read access to a file due to sharing violation, it asks the user if he wants to create a volume snapshot and open the file from a snapshot.

Hex Editor Neo also opens disks, volumes or process memory with Read-Only access, but no sharing restrictions are applied. That is, if some other application changes the contents of the edited documents, you will need to scroll document's editor window to view changes or use the View » Refresh… command.

Errors Opening Files

If there are any errors the editor encounters during opening files it displays the list of failed files with corresponding error messages. The following window is displayed regardless of the way you used to open files, in case editor encounters any errors trying to open them.

Load Errors