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Opening Files in Shared Mode

There are several ways a file may be opened by the Hex Editor Neo in shared mode.

File Open Shared Command

Use the File » Open » Open Shared File… command to open the standard File Open window. Select a file or multiple files and click the Open button.

Files you select may be located either on the local computer, or on the remote computer. Make sure your connection to the remote host is fast enough before opening the remote file in the editor. Usually, 10 Mbit connection will be enough for most editing tasks.

Using the Right-click Menu in the Windows Explorer

If you chose an option to integrate with Windows Explorer during Hex Editor Neo installation, the Edit with HHD Hex Editor Neo (Shared Mode) command appears when you right click on the selected file(s) in the Windows Explorer. Select this option to open all selected files in the Hex Editor Neo.

Note that this option may be available only when you hold Shift key when bringing up the context menu.

This will launch the Hex Editor Neo (if it is not already running) and instruct it to open all the files you selected in the folder.

Note: Windows Explorer references the extension DLL that is used to implement the right-click menu command. If you try to uninstall the product right after using the command, it will fail to delete all installed files and will have to schedule a reboot to finish installation.

Specify Files to Open in Command Line

Launching the Hex Editor Neo with a list of files in its command line instructs the editor to open all of them.

Remember that all file names that contain spaces must be enclosed in the double quotation marks. There is a limit enforced by the operating system to the maximum length of the command line. Generally, it should be less than 256 characters. Remember to prepend each file you want to be opened in shared mode with a /shared switch.


.\HexFrame.exe /shared c:\temp\rom.dat /shared c:\windows\system32\calc.exe /shared "c:\Program Files\Windows NT\dialer.exe"

Running this command will load the Hex Editor Neo and open all specified files in shared mode.

Specifying the command line option /s tells the Hex Editor Neo to reuse the running Hex Editor Neo instance. If omitted, a new Hex Editor Neo instance will be launched.


Macros and scripts running in the editor may use the openFile method to open the file in shared mode in the editor.