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Closing Documents

Closing document in a Hex Editor Neo releases all references to the opened file, process, disk or volume, optionally saves all changes made to the document, frees all memory and disk space used to maintain the document state. The effect of closing a document will also be that the sharing restrictions set on the file at the time it was opened are cancelled, making it possible for other processes to open the file for writing.

Hex Editor Neo provides you with several ways of closing documents:

  1. The document is automatically closed when all its editor windows are closed. See the topic for editor windows to find out the ways to close a window.
  2. The File » Close menu command can be used to immediately close the document, regardless of the number of editor windows you have opened for it.
  3. The File » Close All command is used to close all opened documents.
  4. All opened documents are automatically closed when you exit the Hex Editor Neo.

Right before closing the document, the editor checks if it is in modified state. In this case, you are asked whether you want to save the changes, cancel them, or abort the close operation.

The same prompt is displayed when you shut down your operating system, perform restart or log off. If you have any unsaved changes to any of the opened documents, you will be prompted whether you want to save them. This may delay the system shutdown process or even cancel it.

More information on saving changes made to documents can be found in Saving Documents section.


Macros and scripts running in the editor may use the IDocument.close method to close the document and all associated editor windows.