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Data Annotations

Data Annotations module allows users to associate text comments with specific document locations. Hex Editor Neo saves those comments with a document and the next time user opens a document, comments are also loaded and are available for browsing and review.

It is possible to specify the coloring for commented cells. The Data Annotations Tool Window displays annotations for the current document.

When the user hovers a mouse cursor over the commented cells, the tooltip with a comment is displayed.

Hex Editor Neo supports several types of storage for a document. The Data Annotations Settings Page may be used to configure the storage location.

The following commands are available for the user:

Annotations » Add Annotation…
Add new annotation. The user specifies the beginning and end of the range to annotate.
Annotations » Remove Annotation
Remove selected annotation.
Annotations » Annotate Selection…
Annotate current selection.
Annotations » Annotate Cursor…
Add annotation for the current cursor location.
Annotations » Clear Annotations

Remove all document annotations.