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Supported Formats

Hex Editor Neo supports two clipboard formats: internal format and Windows Explorer format.

Hex Editor Neo uses the internal format to exchange data between its documents and uses the Windows Explorer format to exchange files and data with Windows Explorer.

When you put a selection into the Clipboard, it is automatically placed in both supported formats.

Internal Format

This format allows you to exchange data between two documents in the Hex Editor Neo as well as between several locations within the same document. Data placed to the Clipboard in one running Hex Editor Neo instance cannot be pasted into another. To exchange data between two documents, open them both in a single Hex Editor Neo instance.

Internal format fully supports multiple selection.

Windows Explorer Format

Hex Editor Neo supports exchanging data with Windows Explorer.

Hex Editor Neo's Document Data to File

You can paste the copied document's data into the file in Windows Explorer. Select the data you want to copy (multiple selection is fully supported) and put it into the Clipboard (for example, execute the Edit » Copy command). Open a folder in Windows Explorer where you want the data to be pasted. Execute the Paste command. Copied data will be pasted into the new file, named “HHD Hex Editor Neo 7 Copied Data”.

File Data to Hex Editor Neo's Document

You can also paste a file copied to the Clipboard from Windows Explorer (or any other compatible application) into the current cursor positions in a document (multiple cursors are supported for paste operation).


You can paste a text copied from some other application into the Hex Editor Neo. See the Pasting Text section for detailed feature description. Copy & Export Tool Window, on the other hand, provides a number of tools to encode binary document data and place it into the Clipboard in textual form.


Scripts may use the following methods to work with the Clipboard: