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Pasting Text

Hex Editor Neo supports pasting text from Clipboard. This section describes supported formats and usage strategies:

Pasting Raw Text

Any plain text placed into the Clipboard may be pasted into the Hex Editor Neo's document. In order to paste the text, perform the following steps:

  1. Open (or create) the document you want to paste text to.
  2. Make sure the required encoding is selected.
  3. Navigate to the position where you want to paste text.
  4. Check the Insert Mode switch. Turn it OFF to overwrite existing document's data with Clipboard's data, or ON to make room for Clipboard's data.
  5. Make sure the text pane is visible and active (the cursor image has a frame around it).
  6. Execute the Edit » Paste command.

Pasting Formatted Numbers

In addition to providing the ability to paste the text “as it is”, Hex Editor Neo also supports parsing Clipboard's text in order to extract a sequence of decimal or hexadecimal numbers.

Make sure the code pane is active before pasting data. If the text pane is active, Clipboard contents will be pasted “as is”, as described in the previous section. As always, the Insert Mode switch is used to specify whether you want to overwrite or insert data.

The current view type dictates the type of integers parsed from the input text. If current view type is a hexadecimal view type, integers are assumed to be in base 16; otherwise, they are assumed to be in base 10. Use the “0x” prefix to temporary change number's base to 16 (it affects only the number immediately following the prefix).

Numbers may be separated with one or more separators. Hex Editor Neo treats all non-digit (or non-hexadecimal digit) characters as separators, including line feed and carriage return characters. If there are no separators, current editor window's grouping mode is used to separate them.

Multiple separators are allowed. Parsing continues to the end of the input text.

Pasting Formatted Numbers feature is not supported for Float and Double view types.


The following text pasted into the editor window, currently in Hex Bytes view type…

1 2 3 4a 0x5
a 7f 12, ff; 12

results in the following sequence (displayed in hex) to be inserted into the document:

01 02 03 4a 05 0a 7f 12 ff 12

The same text pasted into the Decimal Bytes window results in the following sequence (displayed in decimal):

1 2 3 4 5 7 12 12

Parsing ignored all invalid characters, treating them as separators. “0x” prefix may be used to temporary switch to hexadecimal mode:

0x34 23 0x5a 0xaa 17

Which results in the following sequence (displayed in decimal):

52 23 90 170 17

The following text can be pasted into the editor window, which is currently in Hex Words mode:

7a20, 5, ffff, AE01;
12c 15 0 0 17FF


Scripts may use the IDocumentView.pasteAsync method to execute this operation.