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Pasting Data

This section describes pasting file (or binary) data into Hex Editor Neo documents. To learn how to paste text data, see the Pasting Text section.

You can paste data into the Hex Editor Neo if it is in one of the supported formats. To paste data from the Clipboard, you need to have an editor window active. Position the cursor(s) to the offset where you want the data to be placed and execute the Edit » Paste command. Multiple Cursors are supported by this command.

The current Insert Mode governs the behavior of the Paste command. If it is on, file's data beyond the cursor position is shifted to free required space, in which Clipboard data is placed. If Insert Mode is off, file's data is overwritten with data from the Clipboard.

If the multiple selection existed at a time you executed the Copy or Cut commands, additional gaps are inserted into the document. If Insert Mode is on, those gaps are cumulative.

Paste Command Complexity

If Clipboard contains a file copied from the Windows Explorer, the paste command operates in constant-time, that is, immediately. If data has been copied or cut from the same or another Hex Editor Neo's document, the complexity is linear-time, depending on the number of blocks in the selection.


Scripts may use the IDocumentView.pasteAsync method to execute this operation.