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Attributes Tool Window

The Attributes Tool Window displays the current file's attributes. It also allows you to modify the state of some attributes.

Attribute Tool Window

The following attributes are displayed for files and file streams:

File NameFull file's pathNO
ArchiveFile is ready to be archived (file has been modified since last archival)YES
HiddenFile is hiddenYES
SystemFile is systemYES
Read-OnlyFile is read onlyYES
SparseFile is a sparse fileNO
TemporaryFile is a temporaryNO
OfflineFile is offlineNO
EncryptedFile is encryptedNO
CompressedFile is compressedNO
Has Reparse PointsFile has reparse pointsNO
Created Date/TimeFile's creation date and timeYES
Last Access Date/TimeFile's last access date and timeYES
Last Write Date/TimeFile's last write date and timeYES
Hard LinksA number of file's hard linksNO
StreamsA number of alternate data streams in a fileNO
Total Size (with streams)A total size a file occupies on the diskNO
Total Size (without streams)A size of the file's unnamed (default) streamNO
Total Streams SizeA total size of all file's named streamsNO

The following attributes are displayed for opened processes:

Process Name (ID)The process name and process IDNO
File PathFull path to process' executableNO
Number of BlocksTotal number of opened memory blocksNO
Number of ModulesTotal number of opened modulesNO
StartStarting memory addressNO
SizeSize of opened rangeNO
EndEnding memory addressNO

To a change a flag value, click on the checkbox. To change a date/time value, double-click on it. The following window appears:

Date/Time Change Window

To apply changes you made to a file's attributes, execute the Tools » Attributes » Apply Changes command. The Tools » Attributes » Reset Attributes command may be used to undo all attribute changes.