Hex Editor - Binary File Editing Software for Windows
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Commands Settings

Commands page lets you customize the main application toolbars as well as tool windows toolbars. In addition, you can customize the contents of the File » New and File » Open menus.

Commands Settings Page

Select the toolbar from the Toolbar: list. It lists both application toolbars and tool window toolbars. Toolbar “New” corresponds to contents of the File » New menu and toolbar “Open” corresponds to the contents of the File » Open menu.

Creating New Toolbar

To create a new, empty toolbar press the New… button and enter the toolbar's name. Now you can add new commands to a created toolbar.

Deleting Toolbar

To delete a toolbar, select it in the list and click the Delete button. You cannot delete any predefined toolbar or tool window toolbar.

Configuring a Toolbar

Other Options

You can change the size of the toolbar icons with the Button size control. The Hex Editor Neo's unique vector icon technology renders command icons at any size without artifacts. This slider controls the size of the icons on application toolbars only. The size of tool window toolbars is fixed.