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Toolbars present a subset of Device Monitoring Studio's commands to the user by means of displaying commands' images. Main toolbar and user created toolbars are located under the menu bar:

Main Toolbar

To execute a command located on the toolbar left-click its image. If you hold a mouse pointer over an image for a while, command's name is displayed in a tooltip window, along with assigned keyboard shortcuts. More detailed command description is displayed on the status bar at the same time.

Main toolbar, as well as user-defined toolbars, are fully customizable. You can quickly change the order of commands on the toolbar using the following procedure:

  1. Press and hold an Alt key.
  2. Locate the mouse cursor over the command you want to move to another location.
  3. Press the left mouse button.
  4. Drag mouse to another location and see how the command moves within the toolbar.
  5. Release a left mouse button to “drop” a command on its new location. Release an Alt key as well. If you moved mouse away from the toolbar, the command is removed from the toolbar.

You can also create toolbar separators using this procedure.

Advanced toolbar customization is described in the Toolbar Customization topic. For example, in addition to command arrangement you can smoothly change the size of toolbar images.

Toolbars located in tool windows are not customizable and contain commands related to the tool window where they are located.