Device Monitoring Studio - Monitor, log and analyze data coming through PC ports and connections
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Sessions Tool Window

This tool window lists all currently running sessions and provides sessions management.

Sessions Tool Window

For each session, the following information is displayed:

Device type (Serial, USB or Network) and remote computer name. If device is local, only device type is displayed.
Device category, like “Human Interface Devices”.
The name of the device this session monitors. For multisource sessions, a list of names is displayed.
A current list of processing modules configured for this session.
Session start time.
Session running time.
Depends on the specific data processing module. For example, for data recording, the total number of recorded bytes as well as commands to end current stream and start new stream are present.

The window has a following list of commands:

Configure Session…
Opens the Session Configuration window that allows you to change the session parameters (including Capture Filter) and add or remove data processing modules.
Resume Session
Resumes the paused session.
Pause Session
Effectively pauses the entire session, including all configured data processors. No monitoring activity occurs for the session while it is paused.
Stop Session
Closes all data processing modules, disconnects from the session device(s) and removes the session from the session list.
Close Visualizer
Closes selected data visualizer.
Configure Columns
Allows you to change the list of visible columns and their order.
Expand Item
Expands the current session (shows all configured processing modules).
Collapse Item
Collapses the current session (hides all configured processing modules).