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What's New in 8.02

Script Debugger

Increased support for scripting in Device Monitoring Studio calls for better tools. The built-in script editor with auto-completion support and built-in documentation is now accompanied by a script debugger.

The user may now place breakpoints, and perform stepping while debugging his scripts. The Watch tool window and Stack Trace tool window provide the detailed information about the script execution state.

See the Script Debugger section for more information.

New Serial Terminal

The Serial Terminal module has been redesigned and rewritten from scratch. It now provides richer API, better performance and stability and integrates with a Serial Source. This integration allows for “listening” mode monitoring sessions - a configuration when there is no active controlling application listening on the port.

In addition, terminal window is now integrated better into the application frame, is more responsive and provide better overall experience.

Data Repeater

This component, which may be attached to a serial or playback monitoring session, allows redirection of monitored traffic to one or more serial ports.

See the Data Repeater section for more information.

Improved USB Descriptors Retrieval

Device Monitoring Studio now uses alternative methods to retrieve USB device descriptors if standard methods fail.

Custom View Visualizer

The Custom View data visualizer is now out of beta. It has been redesigned and is now backed by TypeScript (not internal protocol definition language). Serial's Request View and Console View have been rewritten using Custom View.

Custom View data visualizer allows the user to consume the information produced by protocol binding module and display parsed data with rich visualization capabilities.

Extended Scripting API

This release extends the list of components that may be controlled from TypeScript (JavaScript) scripts executing inside the Device Monitoring Studio: