Device Monitoring Studio - Monitor, log and analyze data coming through PC ports and connections
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What's New in 7.13

Version 7.13 greatly improves built-in Scripting support. Starting from this version, scripting support is available for all modules and new scripting object, Monitoring Object, is introduced. By calling methods of this object, user scripts may create, configure and start monitoring sessions.

In addition, a convenient script file editor is added to Device Monitoring Studio with syntax coloring, Undo/Redo support and advanced error reporting.

From this version, user scripts may now be written in TypeScript, while support for VBScript has been discontinued. TypeScript usage provides better error checking and parameter validation.

Serial Device Parameters

Support for displaying current session parameters, such as Baud Rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits and Parity has been added to Sessions Tool Window for serial sessions.