Device Monitoring Studio - Monitor, log and analyze data coming through PC ports and connections
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Device Monitoring Studio Overview

Device Monitoring Studio is an application with rich device monitoring capabilities. It allows you to monitor the different kind of devices attached to local or remote computer. It supports monitoring the serial ports and devices (built-in, PnP and virtual), Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices and network connections. In addition, it makes monitoring the connection between two serial devices possible by creating a virtual bridge between them (serial bridging).


This documentation is divided into the following sections:

Monitoring Session Management
This section briefly describes Device Monitoring Studio user interface elements that help you manage devices, start, stop and configure monitoring sessions.
Device Types
This section describes all supported device types, including physical (such as serial, USB or network) or virtual (like Serial Bridge and Playback) devices.
Data Processing
This section provides detailed documentation for every data processing module. Some of the modules are specific to one or more device types, while others support all device types.
This section describes the advanced filtering capabilities provided by Device Monitoring Studio.
Advanced Features
This section provides descriptions for additional functionality available for each DMS module.
User Interface
User Interface section gives detailed description of each user interface element.
Configuration section provides help for using centralized Device Monitoring Studio configuration mechanism, which is opened by using the Tools » Settings… command.