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Filtering Tab

Filtering Tab

The list of all filter groups is displayed on the left. Select a filter group to view its filters.

Click on the check box to enable or disable a particular filter. Some filter items have more than one check box, for example, you can configure whether the particular request is processed on its way DOWN or UP.

Click on the checkbox's header to enable/disable all checkboxes.

Working with Schemes

A scheme is a collection of specific filter settings. Each filter group has its own list of schemes. You can select the scheme from the combobox at the top of the page. Three built-in schemes appear for each filter group:

A default scheme sets each filter state to the default state. This scheme is selected by default for each filter group.
Display All
This scheme enables all filters - as a result, visualizers that use this filtering group will process all types of packets.
Display None
This scheme effectively turns off all filters.

You can create your own filtering schemes. To create a scheme, type the scheme name in the combobox and press the Save button. To delete a scheme, select a scheme from the list and press the Delete button. Note that you cannot delete a built-in scheme.

Per-Visualizer Scheme Application

In addition to system-wide filtering scheme selection, you can also apply a specific filtering scheme to a particular visualizer. To apply a filtering scheme, right-click on the visualizer window to bring up the popup menu (you should already have a running monitoring session), select Filtering » Group Name » Filtering Scheme. The selected filtering scheme will be applied to this visualizer only and will not affect any other opened visualizers as well as newly opened ones.

If you want to reset a filtering scheme to the one currently configured in the Filtering Tab for this visualizer, select the “Current” filtering scheme from the popup menu.