USB Sniffer - Software USB packets sniffer & protocol analyzer for Windows
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USB Data Source

This data source supports monitoring of traffic to or from any USB device, connected to a local computer (or remote computer in case of Remote Source).

USB Data Source extracts and presents all available information from a USB device, such as Device Descriptor, Configuration Descriptor, HID Descriptor and Dependent Devices.

It supports Capture Filter that allows the user to filter unneeded traffic.

Currently, the following data processing modules are supported for USB monitoring:

Multi-Source Support

USB data source fully supports multi-source sessions. Not all data processing modules support multi-source session (see the list above).

Protocol Definitions

Structure View, Raw Data View and Custom View data visualizers, as well as USB Capture Filter depend on protocol definitions installed with Device Monitoring Studio. Other data visualizers (“legacy” visualizers ported from the Device Monitoring Studio 6) do not depend on protocol definitions and therefore, do not support user-defined protocols.

These definitions are written using the Protocol Definition Language and are installed with a product in %INSTALLDIR%\protocols folder.

Device Monitoring Studio also allows the user to customize these definitions by adding new protocols or modifying existing ones.