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Remote Data Source

Device Monitoring Studio supports monitoring of Serial and USB devices, connected to remote server. Device Monitoring Studio with Remote Data Source installed already supports monitoring of remote devices, but you need to install a copy of Device Monitoring Studio Server on remote computer to make its devices available for clients.

Remote Source is not a separate data source; instead, it is a technology that allows the user to access Serial and USB data sources running on a remote server.

Connecting to Remote Server

Execute the Tools » Connect to New Server… or press the Connect to New Server… button on Devices Tool Window's toolbar. The following window opens:

Connect Server Window

Enter the server name or address manually or click the Browse button to search for the server name in the Active Directory or Local Network or select one of the auto-discovered servers.

Auto-discovery works in domain and workgroup networks, Windows 7 Homegroup and automatically locates all available servers. Note that server administrator has a right to disable auto-discovery or limit client access to it using Windows Security. After you click the OK button, Device Monitoring Studio connects to remote server, queries the list of supported devices and adds them to the Devices Tool Window.

Remote Monitoring Session

You start a remote monitoring session just like a local monitoring session. First, select a remote device in Devices Tool Window and press the Start Monitoring… button on toolbar, or simply double-click on the device. Session Configuration Window opens. Configuring remote session is the same as configuring a local session.

Remote sessions do not support multi-source.

Disconnecting from the Server

To disconnect a server, select its name in Devices Tool Window, right-click to bring up a context menu and select the Disconnect item. All server devices are removed from a tree as well as all running monitoring sessions are terminated.

Whenever a network error, connection error, server software error or hardware error occurs, a connection is terminated. You receive a corresponding error message. All running monitoring sessions from this server are also terminated with error message.

A client and server exchange a short keep-alive signal every 30 seconds even if there are no running monitoring sessions.


Remote Data Source uses Windows Security to authenticate and authorize the current user on a remote server. A client may potentially be assigned the following permissions:

Connect to Server
A user must have this permission must to access the server.
Auto-discover Server
A client automatically sees server's name in Connect Server window. Server checks this permission only if client has already been allowed to connect to the server.
Start Session
The client with this permission is allowed to monitor any supported device on the server. This permission assumes the client has already been allowed to connect to the server.

Default server installation grants all these permissions to the Everyone group, but the server administrator can change the default configuration.