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Request View

This visualizer is based on Custom View data visualizer. It supports serial sessions and displays all monitored data packets and serial input/output control code packets.

Serial IOCTL packets, which are used to configure a serial device or retrieve its parameters are decoded and displayed in easy-to-use table.

Data packets are followed by the full data dump.

User Experience

See the section Custom View User Experience for more information on user interaction with Request View data visualizer.

Visual Schemes

Request View allows the user to customize the appearance of all its visual elements. Use the Coloring command from the context menu to jump to the Coloring customization section.

Configurable Options

The Request View defines the following options which control the amount of data the visualizer provides:

OptionDefault ValueDescription
Display empty readsOffIndicate whether the read requests that complete without data should be included.
Display I/O requests without dataOffAll I/O requests usually carry interesting information only on one way (either DOWN or UP, depending on the request). If this option is OFF, request with no data is not included in the output.
Display I/O requestsOnIndicate if serial IOCTL requests are included.
Display connect and create requestsOnIndicate whether connect and create requests are included.
Display down readsOffNormally, read requests are only displayed on their way UP, where they contain data retrieved from the device. Enabling this option will include read requests on their way DOWN as well. Note that failed read requests are always included.
Display up writesOffNormally, write requests are only displayed on their way DOWN, where they contain data to be sent to the device. Enabling this option will include write requests on their way UP as well. Note that failed write requests are always included.
Display line numbersOffConfigures the display of line numbers for the visualizer.

Legacy Visualizer

The previous version of Request View data visualizer (which is not based on Custom View) is still available under the name Request View (Legacy).