Serial Port Monitor - Software Serial Port sniffer, logger & protocol analyzer for Windows
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Data View

This visualizer contains two panes. The top pane displays what was read from the device, and the bottom pane displays the data written to the device.

Use the mouse to move the splitter to change the relative size of both panes.

Standard Edit commands, such as Edit » Copy and Edit » Export… are supported for both panes.

If the last line of information is visible, then the window is automatically scrolled every time a new portion of information is appended to it. To stop automatic scrolling, just scroll the window so the last line is not visible anymore. To resume automatic scrolling, scroll to the very end or just press the End key.

Either pane can have a selection. To make a selection use the mouse - click at the beginning of the selection and drag to the end. If you move the mouse away from the window during dragging, the window will scroll its contents. If the selection is present, the copy and export functions will work only on the selected part of the window.

Data View visualizer supports Generic Filtering platform.

Serial Bridge

When used with the Serial Bridge monitoring session type, the top pane displays the data the first bridged device sends and the bottom pane displays the data, which the second bridged device sends.