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Exporting Data

Data View visualizer allows the user to export its contents to various text file formats. First, you need to determine which part of the window you need to export.

If you plan to export the whole contents of the window, make sure you have no selection. Otherwise, use the mouse to select a portion of the window.

Execute the Edit » Copy command to copy the selected content to the Clipboard. Execute the Edit » Export… command to export the selected content to a file. In the latter case, you may select the format to use during exporting:

HTML Files
Export the content in HTML format. This format saves all the original formatting.
ASCII Text Files
Copy of the window content in text format in ASCII encoding.
UNICODE Text Files
Copy of the window content in text format in UNICODE (UTF-16 LE) encoding.

In addition, use the Edit » Export Binary command to export the content of the individual packet in binary format.

Both panes of Data View visualizer are copied or exported separately.