USB Sniffer - Software USB packets sniffer & protocol analyzer for Windows
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Device Descriptor

Device Descriptor Window

This tool window displays the decoded USB device descriptor. You can scroll the contents of the window to view the whole information if it is larger than window. Use the keyboard or mouse to select the text in the window and select the Edit » Copy command to copy the selected text into the Clipboard.

Displayed Information

This window displays the following information:

Connection Information
Port: hub port number
Speed: device speed (Low Speed, Full Speed, High Speed or Super Speed)
Device address: device bus address
Open pipes: the number of open pipes
Connection status: the status of the connection
Device Descriptor
USB Version: USB compatible version (1.1, 2.0 or 3.0)
Device class: device class code and description
Device subclass: device subclass code and description
Device protocol: device protocol code and description
Control pipe max size: the maximum size of the control pipe transfer
Vendor ID: USB consortium-assigned vendor identifier
Product ID: vendor-assigned product ID
Product version: vendor-assigned product version
Manufacturer: manufacturer name, taken from string descriptor
Product: product name, taken from string descriptor
Serial Number: product serial number, taken from string descriptor
Configurations: the number of supported configuration

Parsing Identifiers

The Device Monitoring Studio uses the usb.ids file, kindly provided by Vojtech Pavlik and Stephen J. Gowdy, to properly parse numeric identifiers into human-readable string values.

The file is installed into the product installation folder and is automatically scanned on startup. The mentioned file is frequently updated on-line. Please visit the link from time to time to download the most recent version.