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Bridge Manager Object

Bridge Manager Object allows you to create, enumerate and persist serial bridges. It is exposed by the global object bridge and implements the IBridgeHost interface.

Use the IBridgeHost.create method to create new serial bridge. Use the IBridgeHost.bridges property to get all configured serial bridges. Use IBridgeHost.saveConfiguration and IBridgeHost.loadConfiguration methods to save and load current configuration.

Use one of the following syntaxes to start serial bridge monitoring session:

var b = bridge.create("COM1", "COM2");

// 1. Use generic overload and match generic device name
var session = monitoring.createSession("Communication Port (COM1) <-> Communication Port (COM2)");

// 2. Use specific bridge overload and match device name
var session = monitoring.createSession({ bridge: });

// 3. Use specific bridge overload and pass bridge object directly
var session = monitoring.createSession({ bridge: b });